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Avi-on Reward Kits Available for This Campaign Only

Avi-on’s Simple Bluetooth Home is a revolution that starts with this campaign. 

It is the first time that a large selection of affordable, easy to use lighting products are available powered by Bluetooth mesh technology. No dumb gateway required.

To launch the Avi-on Simple Bluetooth Home, we partnered with Jasco Products to bring you unique reward kits of Avi-on powered GE plugs and switches. These kits are available at special discounts only during this campaign.

Our Inspiration

It is mind boggling how expensive moving a light switch can be. And why does it take spending thousands of dollars or a degree in computer science to setup timers for outdoor lights, holiday decorations, or vacations? This is our inspiration for the Avi-on Switch and Avi-on powered products. With Avi-on you can setup your entire home for less then the cost of a single visit from the electrician. And all of our Avi-on powered products are easy for anyone to setup minutes.

Our Technology

We built Avi-on using mesh technology and Bluetooth SmartTM combined with industrial grade encryption. These global standards enable Avi-on powered devices to not only to receive and act upon messages, but also to repeat those messages to surrounding Avi-on powered devices resulting in superior range and a true mesh network. We use industrial grade encryption to secure your Avi-on home end to end from our app, to every Avi-on powered product you install. Avi-on powered products are engineered to stand the test of time and just work.

Our Team

Avi-on was founded by Eric Miller and Dana Kunz. Eric is passionate about energy control systems and efficiency. He built some of the worlds first wind farms and energy control systems that are used by over fifty million people worldwide. Dana has deep experience building software and technology companies in both the consumer and enterprise space. Both are homeowners, and both have been doing home improvement projects since they were kids. Together they have built a world-class team of engineers and designers to make the Avi-on vision a reality.

Our Partners

Avi-on is building the new standard for simple Bluetooth smart home products. Our partners include:



GE Branded Devices Made by Jasco Products - Avi-on was selected to power a GE branded line of Bluetooth Smart plugs, switches and timers by Jasco Products.  Purchase the first Avi-on powered GE products through our crowd funding campaign.



CSR - CSR is a leading manufacturer of Bluetooth chips and the inventor of CSRMesh™. With the combination of Avi-on’s proprietary technology and CSRMesh, Avi-on powered products are able to operate just like the wired lights and switches in your home.



Bluetooth - Avi-on is a member of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, the international organization responsible for setting global engineering standards. We are part of a team that is building the global standard for mesh communications technology using Bluetooth Smart radios.

If you are a manufacturer or product company interested in becoming part of the Avi-on platform, we have an option that will fit your needs.


We partnered with Mike Nuttall, co-founder of legendary design firm IDEO, to design the Avi-on Switch. And our experienced in-house design team has spent months testing and refining the user interface for the Avi-on app.

No Dumb Gateway Required

Avi-on is simple, affordable and easy to use. You can start with a single light. Unlike other “smart” systems, you don’t need a gateway, control panel or professional installer just to turn on a light.

Our Progress

We've completed our EVT (engineering validation testing) build and have tested all of the key functions of the Avi-on Switch.  To get here, we built a mobile app for iOS and Android, firmware, and reference designs integrating our own software, CSRmesh and Bluetooth Smart technologies.  Our team has been using Avi-on at home for the last month, and we will be gradually increasing the size of our testing pool in the coming months. 

Next Steps

Our next step is to complete our DVT protocol (design verification testing) where we will test the Avi-on platform end to end to make sure everything works as designed with all of our products.

We will then execute our PVT (production verification testing) run, which includes design refinement and quality assurance testing. At that point, we will be ready for mass production through our manufacturing partners.


We are partnering with world-class manufacturers and distributors to bring Avi-on to market.

  • Fall 2014 - Complete Design Verification Testing (DVT)
  • Winter 2015 - Complete Production Verification Testing (PVT)
  • Spring 2015 - Start shipping Avi-on Movable Switch, and Avi-on powered GE products to backers
  • Summer 2015 - Start shipping Avi-on powered LED bulb to backers
  • Fall 2015 - Avi-on adds additional products yet to be announced

Setup timers, and control your lights from anywhere in the world with the Avi-on Remote Access Wi-Fi Bridge

The Avi-on Remote Access Wi-Fi Bridge is easy to setup.  Simply pair it with your iOS or Android phone, and enter your Wi-Fi login and password.  The Avi-on Remote Access Wi-Fi Bridge securely gives you access to all of the amazing features of Avi-on from anywhere in the world.

Avi-on Remote Access Bridge

And for developers, Avi-on has an easy to use, restful, well documented API.  Build your own apps or integrate Avi-on with IFTTT, Zapier, and more in minutes!

Select any bundle with a value of $195 or more and if our campaign reaches $1,000,000 we will give you the Avi-on Wi-Fi Bridge FOR FREE.  This is an incredible $40 value.  Share Avi-on with your friends and family and let's get there!

Risk Factors

We’ve worked hard to prepare the Avi-on Switch for production, manufacturing, and fulfillment. That being said, building hardware is challenging so there are some risks. Here are the things that keep us up at night:

  • Manufacturing: While we’ve already created all of the pre-production designs for the Avi-on Switch, adjustments might need to be made. Modifying high volume production tooling takes time, so any adjustments may delay final production and shipment. To minimize this possibility, we are working with factories that have a proven track record and that have successfully executed other projects on time for us in the past. Members of our team are on the ground at our manufacturing partners factory managing production step by step.
  • Product Adjustments: As we complete our DVT and PVT runs, it’s possible we may need to make minor adjustments to the Avi-on Switch to get it ready for mass production. Any such adjustments will always be to your benefit and we will let you know exactly how and why they were made.
  • Fulfillment: We’ve worked very hard with our manufacturing partners to build redundancy into our supply chain. We have back-up suppliers for all critical raw materials and components. And we are partnering with logistics experts to help us manage shipping globally to your door. Even with great planning and partners it's possible for unforeseen delays to occur. If we encounter any delays, we will let you know immediately.

For retail or distribution inquiries please contact us at retail@Avi-on.com.

Avi-on Works With iOS and Android Phones and Tablets

Avi-on works with most popular iOS and Android smartphones. The main requirement is that the phone support Bluetooth Smart, otherwise known as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or Bluetooth 4.0.

We support iPhone 4s and newer, and iPad’s 3rd generation and later. We require iOS 7 and above operating system.

We support Android devices running Android 4.4.2 (Kitcat) or higher that support Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

Avi-on’s Stretch Goals

Avi-on is looking forward to continued expansion of our ecosystem. If all goes well, here are our stretch goals for this campaign.

  • $500k - Everyone who buys Big Home bundles or above receives a FREE Avi-on Remote Access Wi-FI Bridge
  • $1MM - Everyone who buys Two Room and Small Home bundles receives a FREE Avi-on Remote Access Wi-FI Bridge

Have any questions about Avi-on? Feel free to contact us at


Avi-on offers free shipping to destinations in the U.S. 

** Avi-on Remote Access Wi-Fi Bridge will only be included in 2 Room Kit and Small Home Kits if total contributions collected during campaign exceed $1,000,000. Avi-on Remote Access Wi-Fi Bridge will only be included in Big Home Kits, Full House Kits, and Entrepreneur Bundles if total contributions collected during campaign exceed $500,000.

*** All products are targeted to ship in Spring/Summer 2015. If some products are delayed, we may elect to ship them separately. All our products are 110v and are shipped from the United States.  We currently can fulfill Avi-on and Avi-on powered products to recipients in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.  We unfortunately will have to refund any orders with recipients outside those countries.  Please also note that customers in Canada and Mexico may incur additional customs and VAT fees. We reserve the right to refund international orders to recipients outside of Canada and Mexico. We look forward to offering Avi-on in additional countries in the future. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What products are Avi-on and Avi-on Powered products are available during this crowd funding campaign?

    We are adding Avi-on, Bluetooth Smart and mesh technology to familiar products people use every day. As a result, you can accomplish simple tasks that might have required thousands of dollars in wiring for less than $40.

    The following products are included in Avi-on's Simple Bluetooth Home campaign. We have built some great "plug and play" and "do-it-yourself" kits that will be available at special prices only during this event.
    Avi-on Movable Light Switch
    Bluetooth Smart Light Bulb

    GE-branded products included in the Avi-on kits featured in the Simple Bluetooth Home campaign include the following devices.
    GE Bluetooth Smart Light Dimmer
    GE Bluetooth Smart Indoor Dimmable Plug
    GE Bluetooth Smart Outdoor Plug

    Additional GE-branded products that Avi-on will be powering are listed below. These will be available at major retailers in 2015.
    GE Bluetooth Smart Light Switch
    GE Bluetooth Smart Indoor Plug

  • What is the Bluetooth range without the Wi-Fi Bridge?

    100 feet (30 meters) between the phone and a device. Because of the magic of Bluetooth Mesh, all the devices can talk to each other, allowing whole house coverage, even when you are not close to a specific light or switch

  • Are you compatible with Zigbee or other Smart Home products?

    Next year we will be offering a simple interface that allows other smart home systems to use the Avi-on network in a simple and secure way

  • Do you have patents secured on your technology?

    Yes. The battery switch design and concept, the App-Cloud-Firmware Platform protocols, and other elements of the system have patent applications pending.

  • Have more questions?

    Support: support@avi-on.com
    Press: press@avi-on.com
    Retail inquiries: support@avi-on.com

  • Why Crowd Funding?

    While we make it look simple, Building ground-breaking technology is expensive. Avi-on's crowdfunding campaign is to support the final tooling and production of the Avi-on Movable Switch, the Wifi Bridge, as well as the world-class mobile applications and software that supports it.

  • How do I attach the Avi-on Movable Switch to the wall?

    The Avi-on Movable Switch can be affixed with a removable, double-side adhesive or some small screws. The spacing of the screws allows putting the switch directly on top of an existing wall switch as well.

  • How do I set up my Avi-on Backer Starter, Room and Home Bundles?

    1. Plug in your devices
    2. Download the app
    3. Create your username and password to the Avi-on app. You do it right from the app
    4. Press the + button and add devices
    5. Give each device a name and photo or image that will make them easy for you to identify
    5. From there--you decide--simple operation or complex programming? Your choice.

  • Will my Avi-on devices work outside of the US?

    All our current products are 110v and are shipped from the United States. We currently can fulfill Avi-on and Avi-on powered products to recipients in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. We unfortunately will have to refund any orders with recipients outside those countries. Please also note that customers in Canada and Mexico may incur additional customs and VAT fees that are the responsibility of the buyer. We look forward to offering Avi-on in additional countries in the future.

  • Will the Avi-on products control the GE-branded products and vice versa?

    Avi-on's mobile application will be shipping with the five GE-branded products shown above, and we look forward to expanding that product line next year. In addition, we anticipate other major brands joining our platform with products such as light fixtures, ceiling fans, thermostats, and window shades. Everything in the Avi-on Ecosystem can work together.

  • Is the outdoor plug waterproof?

    The GE Bluetooth Smart Outdoor Plug enables Bluetooth control of on/off functions for incandescent, fluorescent, or LED outdoor lighting. The weather-resistant housing with protective outlet cover is great for outdoor uses, but should be under cover. The module is ideal for outdoor seasonal lighting.

  • Are Avi-on products compatible with gateway systems?

    Avi-on's roadmap includes integration with gateway systems via an open interface (API) we will publish next year. Right now, we don't have any specific partnerships. When we discussed SmartThings, we were using them as an example, we do not have any specific discussions or relationships with them at this time.

  • Which devices are compatible with the app?

    Avi-on is compatible with most bluetooth-enabled devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch as well as Android smartphones and tablets. Your Android phone does need to support Bluetooth Low Energy. Virtually all current model phones and most sold for the last 18 months support BLE.

  • Can I be connected to multiple Bluetooth devices at once?

    Yes--the Avi-on Inside network is separate from your other Bluetooth devices (headphones, speakers, etc) and can be used at the same time.

  • What controls are available within the app?

    Secure account
    One-step claiming
    Custom device name
    Custom device pictures using downloaded images or a photo you take yourself
    Visual scheduling with sunrise, sunset and random, select schedule days
    Turn on and off schedules
    Countdown timer with on, off and flash
    Scenes (Summer 2015)

  • Is the App available for iOS and Android?

    Yes. Your Android phone does need to support Bluetooth Low Energy. Virtually all current model phones and most sold for the last 18 months support BLE. Unfortunately we cannot support Windows mobile devices because the platform we are using is only available on iOS and Android

  • If one connected device fails, does the entire network fail?

    Nope. All devices are independent.

  • What is the battery life in the Moveable Wall Switch?

    3 Years or more. The battery costs less than a dollar and can be replaced yourself

  • Can more than one user / device control my Avi-on system?

    Yes--everyone who has access to your account can control the devices.

  • Are all Avi-on and Avi-on Inside UL, CSA, ETL, and CE certified?

    Yes. Anything that is connected to AC or DC power requires UL or equivalent certification.
    The Moveable Wall Switch will have FCC certification.

  • Is the app multi-lingual?

    It’s on the roadmap for Summer 2015 beginning with Spanish.

  • Where can I find Avi-on and Avi-on Powered products?

    Currently in our crowd funding campaign. In retail stores starting in April 2015.

  • What light bulbs does the Dimmer Plug and Dimmer In Wall Switch support?

    The dimmers work with most any dimmable LED, Compact Florescent, or Incandescent bulbs. A few things you might want to know that we have seen testing many different bulbs: Some LED and Compact Florescent bulbs of poor quality flicker at low dimming levels. We have not seen this with good quality bulbs. If you are dimming many different types of bulbs with one switch, you may find that they do not all respond the same way. This is due to the fact that they were all made by different companies at different times. Try grouping similar bulb types and manufacturers together and you will find everything works much better.

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